Friday, August 24, 2012

Nice to Meet You

Just wanted to say hi to any new followers and I thank you for stopping by!
This also gives me an excuse to do a family post and share some pics from our recent trip to Northern Idaho, where my in-laws live, my husband grew up and wants to eventually move our family (eek!),
where the green grass grows, the air is clean, the 4 seasons exist,
and you never hear police sirens in the distance. Hmm, what's that like?

So anyway, hello, nice to meet you!

This is me and Charlie.....

This is Nathan....

This is Carys....

 This is my heart...

This is Us...

Aaand just a few more!

The view from our own little private this what they mean in that song My Own Private Idaho?
I think so...

Here is Grandma Barbie!

Do I look comfortable? This was my first time driving one myself...I know, I'm sheltered

This is Nathan's idea of heaven....can you blame him?

Charlie watching her sister...I love this picture


  1. what an adorable family! looks like a blast!

  2. You've been nominated by moi for an award....woot, woot! Love the blog. Check it out!
    Anissa from Chasing Hailey