Friday, August 10, 2012

Crafty Attempts

One of my personal goals for this blog is to become more crafty...more DIY'y (I just made up that word).
A friend told me once, yeah I like Pinterest but who actually does any of those things. Well I am going to be one of those people! Or at least try to be.
(As I type this I am fighting off a little baby who wants to climb on the table and pound on my laptop. She's like a cat who wants to come and sit on your board game, just wants to be where the action is I guess!)

Crafty Attempt #1:  Mason Jar Brush Holder
We are re-doing our little master bathroom...its almost done, stay tuned....but in the meantime I wanted to make my own make-up brush holder. Because I am always digging through my make-up to find those little suckers! Now I know where they are all the time! It's the little things....

So basically I picked up some decorative sand from Michael's, Looking Glass spray paint, and a mason jar that I already had. Looking glass spray paint is quite popular in the blogosphere. Basically if you play you're cards right, you can make any piece of glass have that mercury, distressed look.

 What the spray does is achieve a mirror like effect on the glass. Follow the directions on the can by spraying the inside of whatever piece you are working on. There are different ways to do the distressing that you can Google....I chose to use a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, dipped a paint brush in it and (after the paint dried for about 5 minutes), dot the surface with the brush, kind of randomly stripping the paint. Here is a picture of the jar before I stripped it.

The jar on the left is non-stripped, and the one on the right is. Can you see the difference? Not really?
Yeah, I didn't get a very good shot of this...

Here is the finished product in my almost finished bathroom. (OK I'm working on my photog skills, I'm telling you this jar did not want to cooperate with me!) My brushes are short so that's why I used the sand to make them easy to grab. I suppose you could also just grab any mason jar, not even paint it, and fill it with whatever color sand you like, if you want to get crazy with it!

Crafty Attempt #2:  Custom Ribbon:
Alright so anyone with a glue gun can pull this one off. I helped a little with decorating my brother's baby shower last week. The colors were navy and pink which are so cute together. I couldn't find any ribbon with that combo at Joann's though, so I just got some pink grosgrain and some satin navy ribbon, laid out the length I needed, and then glued those bad boys together. Turned out great!

The chevron table runner is from Etsy shop, Four Bugs in a Rug
They have a bunch of great patterns to choose from.

She used the nail polish favor idea, can't wait to use mine!