Friday, October 26, 2012

Twig & Willow...and a brilliant idea

Yesterday a friend and I had breakfast at the Coffee Cup Cafe in Long Beach, which is pretty much one of the most awesome-est breakfast places around. They have this apple-honey sausage that will knock your socks off. Aaaanyway, so there is this great boutique next door called Twig & Willow. We couldn't stay in there long because our little ones were about to tear the place apart, but I did stay long enough to pretty much love every piece of jewelry I saw in there!
I came up with a brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea for my husband's Christmas present to me. I told him to just go there and pick out something for me, and boom, that's it. I was proud of myself because usually I either don't tell him what I want and then get annoyed when he doesn't get it, OR I tell him specifically and that takes all the fun out of it doesn't it? Now I know some husbands are really good at this mind reading thing, but alas mine is not. This way, I figure there is still some surprise since I don't know what exactly he will pick, and it will be something he likes too. It's a win-win ladies.

Twig & Willow has a website too which you can shop online. Here are some of the things I loved!

They also carry these divine candles, oh my goodness

AND they carry baby stuff....this Aden & Anais blanket makes me wish Charlie still got swaddled

I got this Richie Designs card on Etsy for my husband's birthday last year, and they carry it too!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some pretty things...

Lately I've been looking for something to put mail and keys in for the kitchen. There usually ends up being a pile of this stuff on the kitchen counter. Dollar Tree to the rescue!
I found this plastic wire basket at there....seriously how great is that place?

....and just decided to cover it in gold spray paint, which I already had in the garage.

I love how it turned out, super easy and its pretty to look at on my counter!

And here are a couple more pretty things from one of our pumpkin patch trips this month...

Charlie's first pony ride!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Step into my office...

Well, my imaginary office that is. Right now Charlie's crib is in the office/homeschool/baby's room but eventually I want her to share a room with Carys when she is big enough. Sometimes I feel bad because she really doesn't have her own space like her big sister does. Hopefully she doesn't develop a complex or something. Sooo anyway I am having visions of what I would love the office half of this room to look like. And starting my Christmas list in the process!
I must make a point to say that yes, that is a metallic cow hide rug that I came across and am completely OB-sessed with! Its just $700 is all, pshhh. And I could not decide between a cool Goonies or a cute Mama Bear mug, so they both win.

Office Swag

1. Macau Arm Chair, Ballard Designs, $269
2. Spotlight Desk, Crate and Barrel, $399
3. Geo Lamp, Land of Nod (only $69!)
4. Studio Clock, Crate and Barrel, $15
5. Metallic Cowhide Rug, Shades of Light. $729
6. Orange Boxes,, $5-$25
7. Goonies Never Say Die mug, Urban Outfitters, $12
8. Art Grid Calendar 2013, Paper Source, $25
9. Adhesive to-do lists,, $10
10. Mama Bear mug, Paper Source, $15
11. Rifle Botanical labels and stickers, Paper Source, $12
12. Metallic Sharpie Pens in gold and silver, $5

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Designer Crush: All Saints

Snooping around looking at things I can't afford, I fell in love with this brand, All Saints. Some might think these pieces are drab, but I see the foundation of an amazing wardrobe. Yes, yes I do! Too bad the only things I could buy are the beanies and the wallet. Oh yes I am down with those beanies for sure. 

Designer Crush: All Saints

AllSaints racerback tank / AllSaints studded jacket / AllSaints tuxedo jacket / AllSaints asymmetrical jacket / AllSaints skinny jeans / AllSaints leather bag / AllSaints antique jewelry / AllSaints beanie hat / AllSaints beanie hat

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Master Bath.......the saga continues

Picture this: a small, but serene spa-like bathroom with graphic, modern style transformed in one weekend.
Reality: a half done bathroom with a mis-matched stripe on the wall that keeps 
getting put on the back-burner

We have been working on our little master bath for a while now, a sloooow makeover. I'd like to think this is a reality for people who really want to change things in their home, but don't quite have all the funds at once! So far we've changed the counter tops, the mirror, sink, and faucet, and painted the cabinets. The last step was painting the wall but we have a roadblock. I was going to wait until it was all done to post about it, but hey, why not just put it out there. 
Come on in, the water is shark-infested, but warm!

I had the idea to paint a big stripe across the middle in a light grey that matches the shower. The first lesson here is that you should always bring a sample tile of the color you are trying to match.
You would think that is common sense, but anyway I was there and very eager to just buy the paint!

Here are some before pics:
 This was one side.

 And here is the other.

Off white marble tile with blue accents...we weren't feeling it. I'm all for eclectic, but nothing was going together in this bathroom!

After (still in progress) pics:

 See, that roll of painters tape on the counter means that its not done yet!
The mirror is $30 from Ikea, the faucet is from there too. And the sink is from Kohler at Lowe's.

My husband did a great job with the counter. I love that it looks like white marble but is really just tile.

 Bath rug from West Elm

I kind of like it, but one of my friends said it looks like a hospital room. Ha! 
Now I am thinking of painting the stripe black.
What do you think?

I'm also planning to put up towel hooks instead of those old towel bars. 
Possibly these from Anthro?

Anyone know of a good place for hooks other than Anthro? 
I haven't been able to find a unique selection anywhere else.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pins of the Week

Jellyfish cute!

Large scale photos...could it be as easy as this blogger says? I think these are great in a kids room or a big blank wall

I heart wallpaper.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Spray painting old filing cabinets....homeschool room idea?

20 ways to organize and clean your home

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Leopard Love

Just saw this leopard dress at the fabulous Pawleys Island Posh and I couldn't 
resist doing a set with it!  
Only $30 from Target, time will tell if it looks good on a tall girl like me, but we will see! 
I ended up ordering a Medium and a Large so I can try both on, but its a win win because spending more got me free shipping, and then I'll just return the other one to the store. 

Leopard Love

Leopard print dress / Jeffrey Campbell suede pumps / Urban Outfitters / Forever 21 chain necklace / Forever 21 rhinestone jewelry / Ring

You could add some color with your jewelry, or keep going neutral. I am especially loving that black ring, just 5 bucks, come on! I went over $100 with the shoes, but I saw these in Nordstrom the other day and was sort of drooling over that ankle strap.

I just came across the Pawleys blog the other day, (i am late to that party btw, she has over 1000 followers),
while searching for black and white striped bathroom hooks, I was somehow led to this amazing eye candy from Oscar de la Renta posted.
Someone needs to wear this to the Oscars is all I'm sayin'....ahhh perfection.

Anyway, if you haven't already, you should check out her lifestyle blog, 
it was scratching me right where I itch!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Weekend

So many times I will be asked how my weekend was, and I say good, and then I have to think in my head, "wait, what did I even do?" Life is so crazy sometimes isn't it?
This weekend was the Penelope Lane mini-blog conference and craft boutique that I talked about a little while ago. I ended up only being able to stay for the first two speakers since I could only find a sitter for that long! Sort of sums up the way blogging has going for me lately. Its something I really want to be consistent at and I have not given up yet!
This is still such a transition time between starting homeschool and being involved in weekly bible study, oh and then that whole wife thing ;) How do you find balance?? I am still praying on that one, let me know when you find the answer ok?
I was able to hear Alissa from Rags to Stitches and Andrea from For the Love of (2 distinctively wonderful blogs) speak about their experiences and the common theme was really finding your voice and being true to yourself when blogging. Its something I try to do, and I think that I do, (not totally sure I do??).... but I need to always remember. I do think I can stand to be more focused though, that's for sure. I got lots of great tips and was definitely inspired, and I'm thankful they took the time to share their knowledge!
Then on my way out to grab the kids, I was able to grab some awesome hair accessories from Penelope Lane, including this bad boy....

Later that afternoon my husband was able to get home in time to come to a birthday party with me and the girls. This is rare so I was really excited about it!
Nathan & Charlie
Here is my crew watching the other kids beat the pinata. Sorry we don't do pinatas.
But we will do candy, yes, yes we will.
by the way....Easy Craft Alert! It was a super hero party so I got Carys this cape to decorate. I had this plan to do a big C on the back, but she freaked out and said she just wanted ribbons and bows and to design it herself. Yes, learning to relinquish control... By the way, is Amazon Prime one of the greatest things ever or what?
And lastly, church on Sunday was necessary as always to re-charge my spirit. Our pastor talked about how we as Christians are citizens of heaven, not this world, and we don't need to rely on any government to take care of us, for our future and for our hope, that is the Lord's job and He will do it!
Have a great week friends :)