Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bag Lady

One of the more annoying speech habits is when someone asks themselves a question, and then answers it. For example, would I like a new handbag for fall? Yes I would.
Do I really need a new handbag for fall? No I do not.
But if I did buy one would it be under $100? Why yes it would.

I always see bags I love and then find out its like a $500 Marc Jacobs bag or something. So I've gotten used to shopping for bags that don't cost that much, but still look like they do. 
Like these!.....

Here are some of my go-to affordable online sources:
Francesca's Collections (my fave) - great assortment of totes and cross body bags, nothing over $100
Piperlime - you can search by price, and stylish people like Rachel Zoe and Rachel Bilson have their "picks" to make for easier shopping
DSW - seems to be better selection of bags online than they do in the store
Urban Outfitters-  hipster bags for a fraction of the price

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  1. I feel you...I just can't justify spending that much on a handbag!