Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Piper

I was just checking out which is this awesome shoe site, with free shipping and free returns. I got my Melie Bianco bag on there for under $100 and someone asked me once if it was a Marc Jacobs bag. Nice! They do have a lot of stuff I cannot afford, like these...

I LOVE this Chie Mahara green suede - can be yours for $350...

Here is an MB bag similar to mine, for $105, but looks designer to me, and its well made too...

Lets just say its not all cute, how about this open toed gladiator boot by Blowfish? So wrong on many levels...

I'll leave you with these Sam Edelman sandals, because they are orange, and they are flats, and that's mostly how I roll..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sugar high

On this day Carys ate her first Rice Krispy treat, and it took her a while to settle down. She was up late and just laughing, also discovered how to climb up on my bedside table. It was a fun night!

Earlier in the day she was eating sock monkey tail at River's birthday party, and sharing with friends..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ideas and design

I have this tea cup I bought that has a W on it that is very cute, but it just sits there on the counter. I thought this was a good idea, to plant a flower in it.

I love this dining room, the black and white, the table, the green's all doing it for me.

i think this hot pink wall looks awesome! I love staircases like this.