Friday, August 3, 2012

Kids Design

I'm back in Cali! 
Spent the whole day alternating between un-packing everything and re-enacting Rapunzel with Carys.  (Side note: its just a tad disconcerting pretending to kidnap your own "baby" out of her bed and lock her away in a tower. Love the movie, but man what a creepy story!) So anyway, everyone is asleep and I feel like watching gymnastics and looking at kids design. 
Why not?

I have a slight obsession with teepees. 
I'd like a large adult one in my backyard and one in the girls room please. 
Love how this one from Apartment Therapy has a little book organizer and sheepskin!

Source: via Lonny on Pinterest

Bunting is such a cute touch to any kids room, and anyone with scissors and a string could do one!

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Also from Lonny Mag, you can't go wrong with a big map in a boys room, period.

Striped ceiling, for the win!

Love  the idea of blowing up an old photo for the nursery, from Me Oh My!

I have plans to make a DIY canopy like this one, except maybe with more gauzy fabric. 
This one featured on Babble is so cute though, along with a tutorial on how to make it.

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