Thursday, December 6, 2012

Block Buster

I am having total blogger's block! There is just so much going on, with my family, and Christmas and bible study....and wanting to sleep...I seriously don't know how so many mom's have consistent, awesome blogs or how they do it, so props to you all!...... I'm thinking lately that maybe I am not as good of a multi-tasker as I thought I was...haha....not that I am giving up on my blog, but I have to be realistic about it I suppose. 

I also just started doing an advent calendar with the girls (better late than never!), and I am trying to plan cute activities or treats for each day, so of course that is taking up a little chunk of time. But its so fun and worth it! Speaking of my family, here are some of those family pictures we took a little while back. After my whole saga of looking for a green outfit, I just ended up wearing black and white, can't lose with that right?

All photos were taken by the amazing Jeremy of Lucero Photography. He is also a close friend, and a huge blessing to us! There are a couple more that I didn't add since they are on our Christmas card we're about to send out...but anyway here are some of my favorites....

Of course I wish Charlie was smiling here, but I just love this one aside from that!

My heart is full!


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