Friday, December 14, 2012

Counting down to Christmas...

We've been doing the Christmas advent calendar every day (ok almost every day) and its been great!
Carys looks forward to the activity and she learns about the Christmas story at the same time. I can't wait until Charlie is bigger and they can enjoy it together. Actually maybe I can wait, she is in such a cute stage right now...

So one of the things we did last weekend is go to this thing called the Ice Kingdom at the Queen Mary. It ended up being sort of a bust because the line was sooo long. Which needless to say is torture with a toddler, but I digress. They give you parka's to enter because its 9 degrees in this ice locker, so that ended up being the best part about it, seeing Charlie waddle around in her big parka like a penguin!

My little icicles

This Queen Mary made our of ice was pretty cool...sorry I couldn't get a better picture, my fingers were frozen!

Baby Jesus on Ice

Much happier at room temp!

Here was something else we did on a different day. It was a Sticky Wall Christmas Tree craft, idea from No Time for Flashcards. I got all the parts at the Dollar Tree: clear contact paper, tree wrapping paper, pom poms, and foam animal shapes. I already had the painters tape.
This was a cool activity for both of them since Carys liked it and Charlie could participate too by sticking things on the tree. 

11 Days until Christmas!!


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