Thursday, November 8, 2012

Needtobreathe Again

Last weekend I got to go see my favorite band in concert for the 3rd time. I've written about them before, they are called Needtobreathe and yes I pretty much love them. One of those bands where the album never gets old, but they are even more amazing live. These guys just rock, period. I would describe them as southern-y, soulful rock. If you like to have a good time, see if they are doing a show near you, they usually play smaller venues. Recently they opened for Taylor Swift, which is funny because she should probably be opening for them! OK I digress...:)

 I got this shot on my nifty new phone.

This is a cool promo video for their recent album The Reckoning

Acoustic version of "The Outsiders"

Of course there are a bunch of great videos of them on You Tube, I won't be a nerd and post all the ones I like.....Anyway it was great to have a night out with my husband, good friends, good music and no kids to worry about!


  1. Is it sinful that I love these guys soooo much. I told Gino the day after the show that I want to quit my job and go on the road with them. I could hitch up a pop-up to their tour bus and call myself happy (I'd return home to the fam in a year or so). He didn't really go for it though - what a kill-joy.