Friday, November 2, 2012

I Converted! the Iphone

I got my first I-phone a few days ago. I never really wanted one because I didn't one to spring for it, but since the I-phone 5 just came out, they were pretty much giving away the 4 at Verizon, so I thought why not.
The only big improvement so far over the Droid has been the picture quality, but as a mom of 2 I think this counts for a lot! It's pretty awesome.
So this means my new little friend needs himself a case! How is a girl to choose?? 
I turn to Etsy for answers....

Yellow, gray, ikat, chevron....will this ever get old? Maybe...Found here.

Mmm, an ice cream sandwich, who's hungry? Found here.

i think this is my favorite, of course its $50! Whatever confetti dots, you taunt me.....found here

I kind of love this one, geometric with wood, found here

Cannot. resist. grey. stripes.....I have a problem. Hey, this one matches my blog! Found here

I've had a crazy week with lots going on, plus the girls battling colds and stomach flus, thus not being able to post anything all week. Hopefully all of this sickness is almost over!
And here is a pic of Princess Belle from Halloween.....

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  1. I'm seriously dying over the chevron and the geometric print. Ahhh! ♥ It may be time for a new case now! ;) I ♥ my 4s-- the picture quality between the 4 and 4s alone will blow your mind! We are big macheads though. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Happily following you back now! Your blog is too cute! Hope to see you for the next find + follow friday :)

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  2. Thanks Nicole!
    Yes, I think I will stick with the 4 for now and remain blissfully unaware of the 4S. :)