Thursday, October 18, 2012

Step into my office...

Well, my imaginary office that is. Right now Charlie's crib is in the office/homeschool/baby's room but eventually I want her to share a room with Carys when she is big enough. Sometimes I feel bad because she really doesn't have her own space like her big sister does. Hopefully she doesn't develop a complex or something. Sooo anyway I am having visions of what I would love the office half of this room to look like. And starting my Christmas list in the process!
I must make a point to say that yes, that is a metallic cow hide rug that I came across and am completely OB-sessed with! Its just $700 is all, pshhh. And I could not decide between a cool Goonies or a cute Mama Bear mug, so they both win.

Office Swag

1. Macau Arm Chair, Ballard Designs, $269
2. Spotlight Desk, Crate and Barrel, $399
3. Geo Lamp, Land of Nod (only $69!)
4. Studio Clock, Crate and Barrel, $15
5. Metallic Cowhide Rug, Shades of Light. $729
6. Orange Boxes,, $5-$25
7. Goonies Never Say Die mug, Urban Outfitters, $12
8. Art Grid Calendar 2013, Paper Source, $25
9. Adhesive to-do lists,, $10
10. Mama Bear mug, Paper Source, $15
11. Rifle Botanical labels and stickers, Paper Source, $12
12. Metallic Sharpie Pens in gold and silver, $5


  1. Hi Kathy! I found your blog from the GFC Blog Hop and I'm sure glad I did! Your imaginary office is absolutely fabulous! And metallic anything, even cow hides, are always appropriate :)

    1. Hi Taylor!
      Aw thanks so much. haha yes, i keep trying to rationalize in my mind how i can buy that thing..maybe finance it or something!

  2. Stopping by from the link up, I love your blog!:)

    Shelby xoxo

  3. great office picks and those are the names for my imaginary kids! seriously! I "love" carys ;) and charlie is my pup's name. found and following via the blog hop! :)

    1. no way! how funny! well they are the cutest names aren't they? :)