Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Master Bath.......the saga continues

Picture this: a small, but serene spa-like bathroom with graphic, modern style transformed in one weekend.
Reality: a half done bathroom with a mis-matched stripe on the wall that keeps 
getting put on the back-burner

We have been working on our little master bath for a while now, a sloooow makeover. I'd like to think this is a reality for people who really want to change things in their home, but don't quite have all the funds at once! So far we've changed the counter tops, the mirror, sink, and faucet, and painted the cabinets. The last step was painting the wall but we have a roadblock. I was going to wait until it was all done to post about it, but hey, why not just put it out there. 
Come on in, the water is shark-infested, but warm!

I had the idea to paint a big stripe across the middle in a light grey that matches the shower. The first lesson here is that you should always bring a sample tile of the color you are trying to match.
You would think that is common sense, but anyway I was there and very eager to just buy the paint!

Here are some before pics:
 This was one side.

 And here is the other.

Off white marble tile with blue accents...we weren't feeling it. I'm all for eclectic, but nothing was going together in this bathroom!

After (still in progress) pics:

 See, that roll of painters tape on the counter means that its not done yet!
The mirror is $30 from Ikea, the faucet is from there too. And the sink is from Kohler at Lowe's.

My husband did a great job with the counter. I love that it looks like white marble but is really just tile.

 Bath rug from West Elm

I kind of like it, but one of my friends said it looks like a hospital room. Ha! 
Now I am thinking of painting the stripe black.
What do you think?

I'm also planning to put up towel hooks instead of those old towel bars. 
Possibly these from Anthro?

Anyone know of a good place for hooks other than Anthro? 
I haven't been able to find a unique selection anywhere else.


  1. I think you should throw some kind of design inside that gray stripe. Maybe even [gasp] some kind of color.