Monday, October 1, 2012

My Weekend

So many times I will be asked how my weekend was, and I say good, and then I have to think in my head, "wait, what did I even do?" Life is so crazy sometimes isn't it?
This weekend was the Penelope Lane mini-blog conference and craft boutique that I talked about a little while ago. I ended up only being able to stay for the first two speakers since I could only find a sitter for that long! Sort of sums up the way blogging has going for me lately. Its something I really want to be consistent at and I have not given up yet!
This is still such a transition time between starting homeschool and being involved in weekly bible study, oh and then that whole wife thing ;) How do you find balance?? I am still praying on that one, let me know when you find the answer ok?
I was able to hear Alissa from Rags to Stitches and Andrea from For the Love of (2 distinctively wonderful blogs) speak about their experiences and the common theme was really finding your voice and being true to yourself when blogging. Its something I try to do, and I think that I do, (not totally sure I do??).... but I need to always remember. I do think I can stand to be more focused though, that's for sure. I got lots of great tips and was definitely inspired, and I'm thankful they took the time to share their knowledge!
Then on my way out to grab the kids, I was able to grab some awesome hair accessories from Penelope Lane, including this bad boy....

Later that afternoon my husband was able to get home in time to come to a birthday party with me and the girls. This is rare so I was really excited about it!
Nathan & Charlie
Here is my crew watching the other kids beat the pinata. Sorry we don't do pinatas.
But we will do candy, yes, yes we will.
by the way....Easy Craft Alert! It was a super hero party so I got Carys this cape to decorate. I had this plan to do a big C on the back, but she freaked out and said she just wanted ribbons and bows and to design it herself. Yes, learning to relinquish control... By the way, is Amazon Prime one of the greatest things ever or what?
And lastly, church on Sunday was necessary as always to re-charge my spirit. Our pastor talked about how we as Christians are citizens of heaven, not this world, and we don't need to rely on any government to take care of us, for our future and for our hope, that is the Lord's job and He will do it!
Have a great week friends :)


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