Thursday, September 6, 2012


Isn't school kind of a weird word? Like when you just stare at it? "School", just look at it. Its like gibberish.
Anyway, this is how I get sidetracked sometimes and I am planning to homeschool??
This is when I stop and say, Lord, are you sure this is your calling for me?
Well I still think that it is.
A lot of friends were sending their kids off to school this week, and I started to panic a little. Because I really didn't have a plan in place. The good news is that Carys is only 4 and already knows most of the alphabet and is already starting to write some letters. 
So we are going to start our "homeschool preschool" next week. It won't be super formal, but I need to have at least a little structure or else nothing will get done. When she starts kindergarten I plan to be part of a charter school or some other organized group, so that I can get some help actually being organized!
Overall I am really thankful for this time, so I can figure out what her learning style is, be flexible, see what works and just enjoy her being a kid before her kindergarten starts next year.

Here is the lesson plan I made for next week:
The letter A
Numbers 1 thru 20
Bible Story: Adam & Eve
Biblical Virtue of the Week: Love
Craft: something with Apples 
(see its already coming apple is from the story, and it starts with A!)

Bible Verse:  
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever Psalm 136:1

Some cool resources I found:

Oopsy Daisy blog has a section called Mommy School that features free learning packets based on each letter with craft ideas and all kinds of other great stuff. She is awesome!

                                                                     Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Ministry to Children - Features lots of Sunday school lessons, crafts and coloring pages I can use for preschool. I especially liked this bit on easy to remember verses for kids, here.

Mama's Learning Corner - Question: what will I do with little Charlie while doing school? Answer:
                                                               Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

In a perfect world, here is my schooling corner....
                                                                              Source: via Kathy on Pinterest


  1. I love the idea of a biblical virtue of the week!! I started last week with a structured pre-pre school for my 19 month old. I love having a schedule and a plan and I think it's so great for kids to have that in place early on. Good luck with everything!

    ps- so thankful for pinterest. Amazing ideas on there!!

    1. I got that idea from a pin too of course! Its "31 biblical virtues to pray over your children", I figure why not incorporate it into our lessons.
      thanks and good luck to you too! :)