Friday, September 14, 2012

Neutral Territory

This is definitely a transition time, summer winding down and figuring out what our days will be like now. Trying to figure out my plan for home preschool and last week my bible study BSF started up again, which I am really excited about, we are studying the book of Genesis which I have never done in depth.

And what has fallen between the cracks but updating my blog. It is seriously 95 degrees outside right now in Southern California, I am inside right now with the air on, boo! I used to like to wear a lot more color, but lately being more on a budget, I like to buy stylish neutrals, that I love, and go with lots of different things. I found this scarf below that I am totally in love with!
Plus I am looking for a cute everyday shoe I can wear when it gets cold, that isn't an Ugg boot. I mean, I love my Uggs but I feel like a little kid when I wear them! They need to be reserved for emergency trips to the store and bonfires.
As for those 2 bags, yes they are the same, I just couldn't decide which color I liked better! (They are from Steve Madden where you can get 20% off until Oct. 19 with the code PSW2012)

Fall Neutrals

Here are a couple pics of my girls....
(this was just taken randomly at a playdate last week by my friend Christina, who just so happens to be a very talented natural light photographer. Check out her beautiful work here!

I took this one on Instagram, she is just goofy



  1. I love your Fall Neutrals collage... especially that scarf!

    Have a great day!