Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Blog of Mine...

Welcome to my new and improved blog, with a new name and design! I figure why not name it after my two fabulous daughters, Carys & Charlie because well, they are just so darn cute (a little biased over here). I've decided to give it a shot and get out there into the blog world....maybe even connect with some new people! The only other thing changing is that I'll be updating a lot more often, because if you want to connect with more people, the rumor is you have to...gasp....put yourself out there more often. hmm, weird! Besides, the worst that can happen is that I will have something creative to have for myself and my family, right?
I'll still be writing about my family, fun things we do, my adventures in trying to become a better cook, trying to make my home more beautiful, and just things I find that inspire me.
(Oh and I also did a separate 'About Me' page)

Anyway, here are some recent favorite images....

I adore this bathroom hutch with a wallpaper background. We have a big cabinet in our front bathroom...maybe I could take off the doors on top and try some of this action??

Get outta here with your fabulous self, Kate!

I love this style for a future home-school room.

I don't really own any big jewelry like this (yet)...but I love the idea of neutral colors with sparkles like this.


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