Friday, May 18, 2012

The King

No, not that one...the Sandwich King! Yeah, this guy...Jeff Mauro

I don't know if any of my 3 readers watch this show, but you really should! Its on the Food Network. He makes sandwiches, yummy looking side dishes, he's hilarious and from Chicago, aaand I kind of wish we were friends. OK now I am starting to sound obsessed. Here's the link to his recipes along with this one I just did for onion rings.  Click here.

Onion rings are probably one of my most favorite things to eat ever! But I hardly ever do of course since they are so bad for you. These are made in the oven so I didn't feel so guilty. And in my opinion, onion rings simply must be dipped in ketchup! Here's how they turned out....not that pretty but definitely edible!


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