Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here we are...

Just going through some of my pictures and found this one from a couple months ago. You know it can be easy when you're a stay at home mom to get frustrated sometimes. Especially when you have a very strong-willed 4 year old girl that likes to push your buttons....but I look at a picture like this and I think, you are one blessed woman. My heart (and my arms!) are full.

I'm thinking of changing my blog address to something easier to type (and pronounce). Not that I don't love my last name of course. One idea was to call it Carys & Charlie, but I'm not sure...still in talks...with myself.

Anyway, here are some more fun times with my girls. Charlie loves to play with this baby stroller and doll, she even says baby and carries the doll around...

And Carys' life revolves around dress up and she is becoming very particular with what she wears. I have learned it is just easier to let her out of the house in her own long as they are within reason...ha! But seriously how cute is this?


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