Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catch Up

I've been lagging on updating! Last month got super busy. I got the chance to help with some activities at our church women's retreat and it involved lots of glue gunning and what not...everything turned out great and the whole thing was a huge blessing. I came home from the retreat feeling totally refreshed and energized spiritually. God is good! OK so here are some pictures from the last month or so. Easter was here and we had family over to the house. The kids did this little activity called Resurrection rolls where you basically put a marshmallow, butter, sugar, and cinnamon inside a crescent roll, bake it, and the marshamallow disappears. Just like Jesus' body was gone that Easter morning. Then the kids did an egg hunt in the backyard. By the way, it seems like on every special occasion Carys wants to wear this pink flowy dress. I think she's been wearing it for almost 2 years now!

Also on Easter we got something else...presenting Oscar the Weinerdog!
Yes, I think they like him.
Playing peek-a-boo on her new favorite place, sitting on top of the slide.
See, being a stay at home mom is really not that long as you have the right equipment!


  1. WHOO-RAAHH for equipment!!! :{)