Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Love

I recorded the Royal Wedding and woke up at 6 am to watch it before my babies woke up. I am an absolute sucker for this stuff! Loved every minute of it. I love that they looked so happy, unlike Charles and Diana who looked like they were marching to the guillotine. A lip reader translated that when Kate and her dad got to the altar, William told her dad, "we were supposed to have just a small, family affair". Gotta love a prince with a sense of humor!

When they got into the carriage after the ceremony, Kate said, "I'm so happy". Awwww.

Here she was on her way to the reception that night, could her hair be any more fabulous?

There are tons of pics on the British Monarchy flickr page if you are a hopeless romantic/sucker like me. http://www.flickr.com/photos/britishmonarchy/


  1. A beautiful couple. The more I see them, the more like the lace sleeves. That's cute what Will whispered at the altar.