Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog nesting

I have been discovering a lot of new design blogs lately. Probably because my nesting is going in to overdrive, although the frustrating part is that I am too uncomfortable (or lazy?) to do too much. But my mind is certainly racing with things I would like to do for the house, which I will probably have time to do once things settle down in about, oh I don't know, 4 years maybe? Hopefully it won't take me that long to get the hang of things around here.

First, Me oh My, she's a mom/stylist extraordinairre. Check out her living room. Love the striped pillows, the diy chevron painting, the windows...

Layers of Meaning is another great one with her "etsy find of the day" and design inspiration like her new baby's nursery..

There is always something good to check out at Madebygirl too...lots of home tours of real people's houses and how they did it...

Ok this one is so awesome, makes me want to throw a party every weekend. I am using a party found on here to inspire Carys' party this June, very excited! You can search by theme or occasion, hours of fun for nerds like me.
So many great ideas and inspiration at Hostess with the Mostess like this carnival themed party...

I can't get enough of these straws for some reason!

Also I have found some great things through the Nate Berkus show (which by the way is the best daytime talk show simply because he actually features things that are doable and useful, tons of design tips and ideas, party planning, money-saving, fashion on a budget, etc. I highly recommend DVRing it if you care about that sort of thing! Great stuff on his blog.
Here is a "5 dollar fix" he did by just gluing some fabric to the back of a bookcase...

Alright that's it, I think I am done with my "blog nesting", now I think I will go scrub some toilets or something.


  1. You should maybe trying something crazy with paint. One wall different from another. A mural perhaps. Just to get things started on the cheap.