Friday, January 21, 2011


Carys is getting so big! She is talking a lot and she is just hilarious and full of energy. This can make going places alone with her difficult because she doesn't like to sit still in her stroller and she will just run free like a banshee, leaving me to waddle after her. I think I made a little progress on her actually listening to me and stopping when I tell her to.....sometimes.

I am really trying to treasure each moment with her in this sweet time before our family gets bigger. I'm also going to copy this project from Making it Lovely where she is documenting their final days as a family of 3 with pictures, adding a few sentences to each picture, and then putting them all in a book for when she gets older. I hope I can get some good ones with my so-so camera!

I thought it was a cute idea, and since I am 10 weeks away from my due date, I'm going to start now with this one....

January 19, 2011 - Today was like a summer day. We went to the park with our friends and you got to wear shorts. You picked out the purple ones and I put them on. Moments later you came running down the hall with another pair on your head, and one on your arm, declaring, "this is my hat, and my bag!"

Speaking of that little one, here are a couple pics of my belly at almost 30 weeks...


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