Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carys Project

Get ready for Carys overload as I continue my little project documenting the days before baby comes. Oh today was so sweet, I had a doctors appointment and we saw her on the ultrasound. Carys looked at it and asked, "is that our baby?"

January 25, 2011

Today at the park you asked me what costume I wanted to wear (though we had no costumes). I told you a fireman, so you spent the next 20 minutes calling me “fireman”. You even told me, “I love you fireman!” I’m so blessed to be loved by you.

January 26, 2011

You love running water. You have your apron and I wore mine and we did the dishes together. You are becoming so helpful with everything! You can always tell if I am bothered by something or getting uncomfortable with my belly because you will ask me with a concerned look, “what’s wrong Mommy?” This always makes me feel better no matter what!


  1. Hey Kathy! What a cool thing you're doing, keeping a little journal of Carys. I LOVE the picture of her in her apron, she is adorable!