Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eye Candy

I haven't checked Design Sponge in a while and just realized they have been doing round ups of their sneak peeks, "Best Of" features on bedrooms, bathrooms, kids rooms...jackpot!....basically I hung out there for an hour the other night just looking at stuff. Here are my favorites:

From Bathrooms: OK this is not very realistic but seriously, this is so luxurious to me...that Japanese tub, and the open shower...dreaming....

From Dining Rooms: It's all about this red rug, I would love one just like it. Not sure about that freaky artwork though.

A booth would be so cool in a big kitchen, although this one seems to be built for midgets. What I really love is the map. I am officially on the lookout for a big, old, cool map. And why is there a creepy bunny sitting there?

From Kids Rooms: Carys needs a teepee!

Actually I think all the patterns here are too busy together, but how cute is that tree mural with the birdhouses on the wall? I would be fighting for the top bunk.

From Bedrooms: I am digging the huge mirrors on both sides, and of course the his and hers antlers. Makes me want to snuggle up.

The link to their sneak peek page is here.


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