Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coming Attraction

So the news is out that we are expecting another little one next year, April 4th! I just had an appointment today and got to see him/her at 13 weeks. I could see how much the baby is already moving their arms and legs around like crazy, having a grand old time. The reality of this pregnancy is creeping up on me slower than last time, probably since Carys keeps me so busy! It's such a blessing to be able to see the miracle growing inside of me and hear its heart beat. I can already feel my heart expanding with love for our next baby, and its awesome. Not to mention my belly too, but that's another story.
Check it out below you can see the head, body, and arms...I finally figured out how to use my scanner! On November 4th, hopefully we will find out the sex of this little being...

My mind is still adjusting to the reality of having two kids. I was someone who barely even changed a diaper before Carys came along! But I know that if I just trust in the Lord for strength and wisdom, I have nothing to fear. I have far, far more to rejoice about than I ever would to complain about.

I was carrying Carys in a parking lot the other day and I told her, "wow you are getting heavy, girl" and she says to me, "You can do it Mommy!" Ohh she is the sweetest. How could I not be excited at the prospect of another one of these precious ones...

(Thanks Andi Lucero for this amazing picture!)