Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Progress

I had my eye on these letters from Land of Nod forever, and finally got them up on her wall. I love how it turned out. Hopefully you can tell what color her wall is from the pic, its a really nice light purple.

Here is Carys hanging out with her dog friends from next door. It's like we have our own private zoo right outside our door. Doggies!

A shot of the brand new shower in the master bath, it looks absolutely fabulous!

Got the Thomas Paul plates on the kitchen wall. Thank God for my husband and those electronic level thingys.

Here is a funny shot of Carys, I walked in our bedroom to find her standing in my shoes watching tv. Too cute. More work to be done on the bedroom though...

Carys in front of her crib. The lighting is not great, but I am working on that.

More to come soon!


  1. Looking good Kathy!That shower looks nice!

  2. Hey Kathy! This is Julie (Anderson), I came across your blog from Amanda's. How are you? Your little girl is adorable!!! I'd love to keep in touch, my blog is

  3. everything seems to be coming along nicely. Carys's room color is really cool.....that's so sweet that she has little doggy friends to keep her company.