Friday, March 26, 2010

Land of Nod

I have some favorites from the new Land of Nod catalog that I am going to post on here instead of actually spending money on it. Its like fantasy football, but with adorable kids stuff....or something like that.

OK how sweet is this girly pink bedding? Something I never would have liked before having a baby girl. I really only like pink if its done right, and this is done right! I don't think I would go all out with the curtains matching, but just the bedding would do.

This growth chart is too cute, but its like 50 bucks or something.

I would love to get a teepee for Carys and have it in the corner of our main living area, since we have the room. I think its kid-friendly, but doesn't scream it with a disney or nickelodeon character on it. No offense Dora, I got much love for ya! I'm not sure about the red stripe though, I think it would be cooler if it was just plain canvas.

OK, I am kind of obsessed with these striped pajamas, just a little...


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