Friday, March 12, 2010

"Go mommy!"

Video - "no mommy!"
Originally uploaded by kwunischelove

So Carys loves to stand on a stool up to the sink and play with the water, pretending to brush her teeth. Needless to say, she is none too happy when I try to pull her away. So she tells me to "go mommy!"


  1. What a cute little stinker! ps- I ♥ her hair!

  2. hahahaha that was so funny! She cracks me up, what a cutie. Okay do you say her name?

  3. its pronounced like Paris but with a C, or like Karen with an S at the end. i actually first heard of it b/c its catherine zeta-jones' daughters name, but then it also means grace in greek. And that is the story of Carys' name :)

  4. Wow that's cool. It's a beautiful name.