Monday, November 23, 2009

Dillinger Fabrics

Oh I am excited about this and I don't even know how to sew. I found this store on Ebay called Dillinger Fabrics, that has some great prints at good prices. They've got Amy Butler (who i've heard of) and Michael Miller (who i haven't), but i love them both.
I got some of this print for Carys' room, I would love to make some Roman shades out of them.

I also got some of this geometric print that has no home yet, maybe somewhere in the kitchen?

Here are a couple others I liked, but couldn't afford to buy the whole store. The blue and black is by Miller, and the orange buds are Amy Butler.

There is a lot more, if you're into fabrics you should check it out!


  1. Love fabric! You'll have to take up sewing, it's fun to be able to create your own things! It's not hard, just takes practice and patience. Amy Butler does have so me cool stuff! Roman shades were my first sewing project , totally nuts and ambitious of me, actually of my sewing teacher ,,,,who said to go for it! So now I say to you, you go girl!