Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting there...

Last week I put in my 2-week notice at work, and that made my transition to stay-at-home mom-hood real. Today they sent out the notice to hire my replacement, now it really seems real! My last day at Element is next Tuesday, I will have been here almost 4 years. When I started here I wasn't even engaged yet, wow.
They have treated me well, but I am so excited for this next stage of my life, getting to be there full-time for my husband and daughter. As happy as I am to be moving on, there is still a part of me that is quite sad to be leaving. People at work become like family, people you are stuck with but grow to love (well, most of them...ha!)


  1. Good for you Kathy! Way to go...I hope to soon follow. ;o)

  2. Kathy we need to celebrate your transition!! I'm so happy for you, now I hope we can hang during the week (the weekends seem to be so busy for us) and take the kids to the park!!I'm hitting you up girl early Dec.!