Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passion Week

I'm looking forward to Easter this Sunday!  
While the egg coloring and hunts are fun, its so important to keep the focus on Jesus 
and not the Easter bunny.
Seriously, what is up with that thing...the ones at the mall give me the creeps!
In a way, every Sunday is sort of like Easter for believers, in that we're remembering what Jesus did on the cross, why he did it, and of course, how He rose from the dead! Its what our faith is based on, without the resurrection, there would be no faith, no hope. I also love to read all the articles that circle around with evidence for the Resurrection which is just fascinating to me, like this one.

I'm excited for my family to come over after church on Sunday and celebrate. While the eggs are being hidden, the last couple years I've done a Christ-centered activity with all the cousins.

We've done the classic...Resurrection Eggs, which I love because they link the eggs directly with the Easter story.

Last year we made Resurrection Rolls which are really cool...and delicious. Basically you tell the Easter story and the kids roll up marshmallows in crescent rolls, and when you bake them, the marshmallow disappears.

Another idea is to make your own "grace garden" in a large basket...this is so great! Tutorial here.

So then in my search to find even more activities, I found this link on Pinterest which had so many good ones I might as well just direct you on over to The Alabaster Jar...

I especially like the cookie recipe that explains the steps of what Jesus went through for us and the paper plate tomb craft!

His love always amazes me!


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