Thursday, February 28, 2013

Work Hard, Look Good

Motherhood is hard work. It is repetitive and often times menial. Accept it. Rejoice in it. This is your toil. Right here. Those are their faces. Enjoy them. The days of your life are supposed to be full of things like this. But joy is not giddy. It is not an emotional rush—it is what happens when you accept your lot and rejoice in your toil. So rejoice in your children. Look them in the eyes and give thanks. You will not even remember the work of all this planting when the harvest of joy overwhelms you." 
- Rachel Jankovic

I saw this quote today and just love it. Especially that last line. I promise it did not almost make me cry. Almost...
By the way Rachel Jankovic is an amazing writer who contributes at Femina, a wonderful and inspiring blog for Christian women. I highly recommend it.
Usually I find time to blog at night, after everyone goes to bed. But lately those times have been filled with things like finishing my bible study or looking for the right homeschool curriculum for next year, or looking at Pinterest, or just watching TV because I am so drained I just don't feel like doing anything at all! So alas, my little blog hobby that I love has fallen to the side. I've been working on posting pictures from our Oregon trip for the last 2 weeks! Maybe this week I will finish doing that (crossing fingers)...

Speaking of motherhood...over at one of my favorite blogs Danielle Oakey, she is featuring some casual, every day jersey dresses from start-up designer Sonnet James that are casual but still super cute, and to make them even better, they are not sheer. For some reason I have issues with my casual dresses being sheer...but anyway, sorry just to steal part of Danielle's post but I am loving these! 

OK, I gotta go get dressed now and be productive...have a great day!

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