Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Label Me

I don't know if anyone is as excited about this as I am, but Martha Stewart is now doing a big ol' home office line of labeling products with Avery and Staples. I know, I know, can you barely stand the excitement???
Who knew labels could be so fun....

Chalkboard Labels for the kitchen

Labels for parties...

For whatever! Oh Martha, Martha, I totally forgive you for your white collar crimes....


  1. It was kind of a bs charge. I think it was actually lieing to the FBI. Sort of how they got Scooter Libby. I'm not sure I am ready to spend money on high end labels yet. Must be a chick thing.

  2. Actually these are not high end labels, they are low end with high end it? Arent you excited now?? :)

    1. uuuuuuuuhmmm, NO!?!?!?

  3. I don't know Kath Kath. I mean what are we talking about here. Labels? Not what's in the containers. Not what you worked hard to put in the container. The labels. Come on, labels?