Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog love

I'm not sure if any of my 3 readers noticed, but I re-did the blog section on the left margin over here. I divided them up into categories: Design & Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Parties, and Kids stuff. Don't know if that helps anyone, but I am on this organizing kick so it makes me feel good.

I've found some new (to me anyway) blogs that I love. Here are a couple:

Small Shop talks about design and fashion, one example:

Look Who's Cooking Now has a tons of great recipes that are doable and look delicious. She just posted one for Chicken Tarragon using store bought rotisserie that I need to try. We already tried another recipe, ribeye with egg and goat cheese and it was EPIC. And I never use that word so you know its good:


  1. That look who's cookin thing is awesome. Definitely going to start following that one.

  2. Love it! I'm one of the 3 girlfriend :)

  3. Whose the third reader! :{)