Friday, November 5, 2010


Another Halloween has passed, and still my husband is being a good sport. Although my dream of incorporating spandex into our costumes is dying a bit more each year. One of my dream costumes is to be pairs figure skaters...i know, awesome right? One of my favorite shows Community used it this year when Senor Chang dressed up as Peggy Fleming. I couldn't find a pic of it so here he is from the legendary paintball episode. If you haven't seen it, then i'm just sorry. Awesomeness!
So here we are this year as the Mario Bros and Princess Peach. (not just some ordinary princess!)

Flashback: here were are 2 years ago. Yoda wasn't really cooperating.
SUPER Flashback: this has got to be our all time favorite, Colonel Sanders and a chicken...all home-made or thrift store bought of course....Classic!


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