Sunday, May 23, 2010

I need it!

Carys' latest phrase is "I need it!" Nathan is trying to ween her off the binky and he will tell her, "you don't need this right now" to which she came up with, "I need it!" Now anytime I take something away, she says she needs it. Perfect!

Here she is needing her binky, daddy's Angel hat, and oven mitts

Anyway long story short, now I really do need a hamper! With our narrow closets, my plastic baskets are not fitting properly, and so I must become a hamper person. What kind of word is hamper anyway? It's just weird.....hamper.
So off to the and into Hamperville....

the lazy man's hamper with wheels, good idea but the white plastic is giving me laundry basket flashbacks

the mother of all hampers, three sectioned laundry sorter. Good if you want to spend $100 on a hamper, not gonna happen

pretty cute hamper, but is it the one for me?

here we go, found this one at, it's modern, plus it has wheels. I think I'm in hamper heaven


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