Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shoes shoes shoes

When you write the word 'shoe' 3 times it starts to look funny. Aaanyway, I have come to the realization lately that my daughter is going to need shoes! I never put them on her because they seemed pointless, but she will be walking soon. So now I am having fun checking out the options, and there are A LOT of options.
My favorites so far:

Converse All Star: of course, the old school, every kid needs a pair right?

Nike "Low Dunk" Sneaker: I LOVE these! Totally 80's Cool. But will she need to learn how to break dance?

Vans "Big School" Sneaker: Very sweet velcro


  1. I left you a little shout out on my blog today!

  2. You must get her the Low Dunk sneaker. YES! She will need to learn how to break dance! How will she ever make on SYTYCD?!

  3. My vote is the pink converse. I just bought Grace some baby keens. So, so cute!

  4. My kids have had 2 out of 3! The pink converse for a girl are a must and she must wear them without socks! Ayva had the big school vans when she was a little older. A little advice...the vans and the converse last well! I washed them and everything. Sketchers, even though it isn't on your list, wear out FAST!! I'm already on the lookout for new shoes for my girls again and they will not be wearing sketchers!