Thursday, July 11, 2013

Change is coming....

What is smart to do a few weeks before a bunch of family comes in to town? Why tear out the guest bathroom of course! I have to admit this is partly my fault since I put the bug in my husband's ear....Wouldn't it be great to get the bathroom re-done before everyone comes?
Well Nathan didn't have work one day and he decided to tear the whole thing out, even the walls!
Needless to say this project is taking longer than we thought, mainly because the plumbing needs to be re-done since we are switching from one sink to two. Among other things....

Our plan is to have it mostly black and white, and a 'lil bit of pink for the girls. 
Here are the before pictures:

And now: eek!

And the inspiration (in case you can't picture a black bathroom without shuddering)....

We are off to Idaho next week so I am hoping to share some progress updates soon after that!


  1. your inspiration photos are lovely, love the look! good luck with the renovation and safe travels!