Friday, June 7, 2013

Two Easy Recipes

I'm back in the mix, baby! Is this thing on? Anyone out there? I've been trying a lot of new recipes lately, and most of them have been busts. It could easily be user error, but these two recipes were very easy, and the cute people in my house ate them up. 

This one I found on Pinterest, but the direct link is here. The only thing I did differently was add snow peas from Trader Joes (they come in a microwaveable bag...super quick). I love snow peas, there's like 3 little surprises in each little packet! Fun for the whole family. Next time I'll probably use brown rice to make it healthier because it does have a lot of soy sauce in it.

What can I say, this other one is not healthy at all, but it is the most delicious Alfredo sauce you will ever make. I mean, it has a block of cream cheese, how can you go wrong? This recipe is just for the sauce and it is very quick and simple. I sauteed some chicken on the stove, steamed some broccoli, and put everything on top of spinach fettucine from Fresh and Easy. Basically anything that goes with Alfredo you can use this recipe for.

(confession, this pic is from Google images since I ate it so fast I didn't get a picture, haha, but trust me, it looked like this!)


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