Friday, June 15, 2012

A Merry Un-Birthday to Carys!

Be prepared, this post has more pictures than usual, but my friend Andi got so many good shots, I couldn't resist. Carys just turned 4 so we threw her an Alice inspired tea party. I had a lot of fun planning it, and it was a lot less stressful because it we only had her girlfriends over so there was about 10 girls. I can definitely feed 10 girls and their mommies with no (ok just a little) stress! I tried to keep everything as budget friendly as possible. I thought I could find enough tea cups at thrift stores but there were hardly any. So I found a good deal on Amazon and the cups doubled as the favors too.
First, here was the invite done by the fabulous Joy Sexton...pretty much, you should hire her. You can see her website here.

Each girls cup was personalized with a name tag.
We decorated each chair with tulle and different wrapping ribbons.

Lots of paper lanterns in different colors (dark and light pink, orange, and yellow) and a couple diy tulle balls overhead.

There was a table for the girls to decorate their own hats with ribbon, flowers, and feathers.
Here's the birthday girl, 4 years old!
I already had this Ikea heart rug to put under her chair.
Love this shot...this is why moms throw parties, to see this face!
 Also, in the background is a 'Pin the Grin on the cheshire cat' game we had made.
Happy faces Annabelle and Sydney
I have to say I was proud of my girl because she is usually too shy or scared to play party games. But she did it this day!
Finally got her into this Alice dress to blow out her candles. The flowers were from Costco and the cute flower pot is from Ikea.
My mom had this garden rabbit and she dressed him up with a pocket watch, pink vest, bow tie and glasses so he was our "white rabbit". It was so cute. For the tea party food, we made two kinds of sandwiches, grilled cheese and strawberry cream cheese/banana and then carrot sticks with ranch on the side.

She also made sugar cookies that had "Eat Me" written in frosting.
My husband made these Wonderland direction signs, we had a bunch hung up around the party. I also made this playing card garland with cards from the dollar store.
The cake was delicious but the strawberries made the ganache run a little. Its OK, the girls didn't seem to mind.
On the gift table I put a sign that read "Open Me". For some reason I was really excited about this.
Thought this shot of her friend Katie was so sweet.
Watchful girls checking out the gifts.

Elena agrees...the cake was good. :)

Of course Miss Charlie was there too! I barely saw her the whole time, she just ran around in the backyard...such a good baby!


Paper Lanterns - Just Artifacts (the best deal online)
Tea Party hats- Halo Heaven
Table cloth - fabric from Joann's
Runner & Tea Pots - Thrift store
Tea Cups - Amazon
Cake - Pavilions
Cheshire cat poster -


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  2. nicely done and very creative! i love it

  3. I appreciate you advertising Halo Heaven. Unfortunately it went out of business shortly after I sold it. I am trying to rebuild it at . I was hoping you would change your links to reflect the new site? It would really help me out and your readers would no longer be clicking a dead link.