Saturday, August 6, 2011

Charlie Girl

Of course I love both my girls the same, but its funny how the process has been different between my first and second daughters. Its like with Carys, my first, the love was just so overwhelming, it smacked me over the head and just took over. I remember in the beginning just staring at her in shock, like this baby came out of me? And its sooo heavy, becoming a parent, kind of like learning to walk all over again. Now with Charlie it has been more of a gradual thing that has built up more and more every day. I'd already been initiated into this parenting thing, so this time is so much more relaxed. It really is quite cool so I hope I am describing it correctly! All I know is that little Charlie girl is just the sweetest thing and she has stolen my heart absolutely. I'm so grateful.

Photos by my talented friend Andi

"Oh give thanks to the Lord of lords! For His mercy endures forever. To Him alone who does great wonders" Psalm 163:3-4


  1. Oh my adorableness!! Andi was hiding those first 2 pictures, they are fabulous!! This is a very sweet post!!

  2. . . . and again I say AHMEN!!! :{)