Friday, June 17, 2011

Chocolate Dreams

In another cruel twist of fate (same thing happened with Carys), I cannot have chocolate while I'm nursing because Charlie will be fussy. And as much as I love chocolate, it is so not worth trading my sleep, know what I'm saying? So naturally I am now coming across these chocolatey treats that I must admire from afar, but one day...they will be mine!

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack by Ben & Jerry's. Vanilla ice cream with fudge covered potato chips and caramel swirl. Are you kidding me with this? Sounds like heaven. Just another reason why Jimmy Fallon rules.

According to their website, "at long last, the international sensation made with thick Belgian chocolate has arrived in the US". See you in give or take 10 months my friend.


  1. . . . okay then we won't tell you about the new exhibit at our local museum showcasing EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE. <><

  2. I love Late Night Snack. Actually I LOVE it. Yes, I would marry it.