Sunday, January 10, 2010

Less Stuff, More Life

I happened upon an episode of Oprah where she was interviewing some Danish people and seeing why they are the "happiest people on earth". OK so most of it was baloney but there was one good thing I took from it. The family she visited lived in this really small apartment, but it was super clean and modern. Oprah was blown away asking them where all their stuff is, and the guy says, "we have less stuff, and so we have more life." hmmm, i thought i liked that, i like that a lot.
I'm really going to try to embrace this as we move into a new place. A new year's resolution maybe? If I don't love something, why do I have it on display? Why am I holding on to all this stuff that I never use, wear, has no purpose? Yes, I think this going to be fun, and I'm excited.

I think these rooms show the spirit of less stuff, more life. Ah, its like fresh air.


  1. I love this posting. Less stuff means less stress too. To declutter and to simplify makes life happier. A clean house is so nice to come home to. So many times things are piled up and dusty and just screams chaos. I like the advice posted today.

  2. thanks! good motto to live by right? happy new year!