Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All you need is Love

Video - wedding
Originally uploaded by kwunischelove

My friend Michelle was married last weekend at her parent's house, and it was such a lovely and personal wedding. I loved it. Michelle looked absolutely gorgeous. Too bad Nathan was out of town but I took Carys as my date.
Here is video of the groom's dad playing during the ceremony. Sorry the quality isn't great, I was sitting in the back. But it was just the sweetest thing!

I promise this was water. I discovered she can drink much better out of a champagne flute than a regular glass!


  1. I saw a picture on Tony's wall that he was tagged in and I saw some of Michelle's pictures. She looks SOOOOO pretty!

  2. I know, I teared up when she came out..I am a sucker for stuff like that!