Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adventures at Fatburger

Fatburger Rules. And now my baby loves it too. She hasn't been eating much lately, I think as a result of her cough she's been fighting. But Friday night we went to Downtown Brea and this baby Fatburger may have snapped her out of it. Yes! I think FB is the best burger out there. I love In N Out also, but FB is still on top. Johnny Rockets is great too, but they are inconsistent. On a good day, they can definitely challenge Fatburger. I often think of doing a full on bracketed OC burger competition, but who has the time....maybe someday.


  1. ah, that sounds so good. I love fatburger..but it's been ages since we've there. She looks like she is lovin' that burger. I love your photos of her in the previous blog. I have to get going on my blog..... your good at it.