Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Beautiful

As I see Carys' personality unfolding, it is just the most exciting thing ever. She's starting to say words like 'kee-kee' for the cat, 'be-lee' for balloons, and of course Mommy! She likes to try on shoes, hers or mine. The other day at the Gap she grabbed a pink tutu and walked all around the store with it, so I'm thinking she will love to shop (who doesn't though, right?). I've been reading her goodnight stories for a while but now I can tell that she actually likes it. She kind of falls down a lot but she hardly every cries, tough girl! And she loves to dance. I just love my girly tough girl.


  1. Precious moments to enjoy! It is a remarkable thing to be a mother. God is gracious and good to allow us to be that while on this earth. cherish every second !