Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Table lamp saga

I just cannot find the right table lamps for our bedroom. And I refuse to pay a lot, so the wait continues. What I really want is orange, and this Jonathan Adler lamp is the ultimate, but its $220 for one, that's not happening.

For some reason I'm drawn to this pink lamp, but I'm not sure Nathan would approve. And pink is definitely not my style. I would change the shade to plain white. Why do i like this? Maybe for Carys' future room. It's from PB Teen and they can have some cool stuff. Moving on...

Then there is this one from Target, not orange, but I like the style. But its $195, whats the deal Target, help a sister out!


  1. We just bought a new lamp from Target. We didn't go with anything in mind, but after we purchased it i was at the thrift store down the street. And seriously they had a lamp very similar, needed a new shade, but was 3/4s of the cost! Check out thrift stores and be patient! Good things come to those who wait! Your SISTA Amanda