Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diana to do

One reason I am excited for this blog thing is that maybe I can actually get some stuff done that I intended to. I can post it, and then see if i actually do it! Even if its just me reading it, i think it will help.
I bought this Diana camera over a year ago. No joke it has been sitting on my dresser as decoration since then. I won't even get started on the poorly decorated state of our bedroom. I am going to find out for myself if this thing even works! Maybe baby and I can have a photoshoot this weekend.


  1. and if posting it doesn't keep you motivated to execute, just remember- you can get called out big time by people like me who post comments. yay!

    - kyle

  2. when are you going to start a blog? the facebook isnt good enough, i need more Kyle, more of the time!

  3. haha, well then you are in luck because you inspired me yesterday and i started one. i usually do every year or so and then give up after a few months... i find it hard to maintain them. but nevertheless, if you're ever bored, just click through my name above here and it should take you to it.